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We have received several testimonials in our time but we feel those below serve to illustrate how we work and how pleased the owners are when we have finished

Steve Biggs arrived at our home set up his equipment and got to work on my Audi 6 SE which had been scuffed and scratched in several places including both wheel arches, both driver's side doors, both front and back bumpers and a badly scratched rear view window casing.
In less than 2 hours my car looked like new again all the scratches and scuffs had been removed the wing mirror looked like new, the door arches were impecable and the bumpers looked great.
All for £250 - I was very pleased with his work - fascinated in his ability to match my car paint perfectly I would not hesitate to recommend Carscratch to anyone in Surrey.

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before and after pictures of Audi car scratch removal