Mobile repair for vehicle paintwork across Surrey
Scratches, scuffed bumpers and minor dents

Carscratch provides low cost car painting in surrey. Our mobile paint repair service comes to your home or place of work. Carscratch operates in Surrey and beyond – see areas covered. Carscratch uses SMART- Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. Carscratch will repair your car in a matter of a few hours. SMART means that only the local damage area is repainted and not the whole panel. SMART technology substantially reduces the cost of repairs. No need to use large body shops with all the high overheads. Carscratch will repair your car at a fraction of the cost.

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This is an excellent time to get those scratches and bumps repaired. We take yours and our safety paramount. We repair your vehicle in your driveway – we do not enter your house or business premises – all we require is a lead so we can plug in our equipment. Just leave the keys in your vehicle just in case we need to move it – we will wipe down the steering wheel if we have to do so. We will always keep a safe (10 foot) distance from you at any time. Stay safe.

“Friendly service, reasonable estimate, good standard of work, would use again.”
"Good professional work. Arrived on time and completed first rate repairs to the agreed price. I would recommend Carscratch and use them again."

Much faster no need to loose the use of your car for days while in a body shop.

Car paint scratches and scuffs will reduce the resale value of your car. If you put off repairing scuffs, scrapes and small dents it is likely that corrosion and rust will occur. You could end up with heavy repair bills in the future. Graffiti, scratches caused by overhanging trees, bird dropping can all add to reducing the value of your vehicle.

Moreover, if you use the traditional body shop the repair bills will be a lot higher and you will need to claim through your insurance company. It is likely you will lose your no-claims bonus which means your future insurance charges will be higher. So, it makes sense to look after your car which after your house is probably your most costly asset.


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